Oct. 9th, 2013

touchofstrange: (SGA - Atlantis)
Dear Yuletide Writer/Yulegoat/Santa,


Hello! Welcome to my oft-recycled, but newly shined-up and probably far-too-wordy letter! (Apologies in advance for the wordiness...)

First and foremost,  I know it's cliche, but I'm just thrilled that you'll be writing for one of my chosen fandoms. That in itself is fabulous, and I'm appreciative and excited and I certainly hope your assignment is something that you enjoy!

Now, I know that there are many different ways that writers like to work, and while I'm not particularly picky about anything (well, except perhaps with characters) and I welcome whatever interpretation and direction you choose to go in; I'm also more than happy to provide some general thoughts, feelings and preferences for you to build off of as well. 

I'll start of with more of a general description of my likes and dislikes in fandom and fic, and then I'll move on to more specifics for each of my selections. Please be assured though, that I'm open to almost anything - so this information is by no means 'absolute'. I want you to have fun writing this - I wouldn't want it to be a chore. So please do whatever is most comfortable for you. If, upon reading the fandom/characters you were matched on, an idea sparked in your mind - run with it! You don’t even have to keep reading! (Although I wouldn't mind if you did just skim the 'do not want' portion *grin*).

If you chose 'A' - Keep Reading - please click the cut!) )

ETA: I'm on tumblr as touchofstrange and have anon turned on.  I'm on AO3 as skitz_phenom (DV-Skitz) and I have an LJ that hasn't been updated in about 5 years...  also skitz_phenom - if you're someone who really likes to get to know your recipient. :)



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