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Dear Yuletide Writer/Yulegoat/Santa,



First and foremost, I'm just thrilled that you'll be writing for one of my chosen fandoms. That in itself is fabulous, and I'm appreciative and excited and I certainly hope your assignment is something that you enjoy! Now, I know that there are many different ways that writers like to work, and while I'm not particularly picky about anything (well, except perhaps pairings) and I welcome whatever interpretation and direction you choose to go in; I'm also more than happy to provide some general thoughts, feelings and preferences for you to build off of as well.I'll start of with more of a general description of my likes and dislikes in fandom and fic, and then I'll move on to more specifics for each of my selections. Please be assured though, that I'm open to almost anything - so this information is by no means 'absolute'. I want you to have fun writing this - I wouldn't want it to be a chore. So please do whatever is most comfortable for you. If, upon reading the fandom/characters you were matched on, an idea sparked in your mind - run with it! You don’t even have to keep reading!

That being said, I'm pretty easy to please. While it may not be applicable to all my fandoms - my absolute favorite fannish trope would definitely be 'First Time' fic. The types of situations where the character(s) finally come to awareness / understanding / terms with how they feel about each other. I'm a sucker for this kind of thing and it can simply be about just admitting feelings, or it can absolutely include first time sex, or sexual activities.

So, obviously I don't mind teh porn. (And slash considering some of the pairings!) But I'm not insistent upon it. I'll enjoy everything from G-rated gen all the way up to hardcore NC-17. And if things get porny - plain ol' vanilla sex is great, but I'm not too easily squicked and I don't mind mild to moderate kinks (everything from toys, to food play, to mild BDSM). The things I'd prefer not to see: please no character bashing, deathfic, partner betrayal, noncon, permanent injury, hardcore BDSM, extreme kink (watesports, bloodplay,etc), humiliation or permanent genderswap.

I actually love some of the really 'tropey' kinds of scenarios, so please don't be afraid of using them - as I mentioned, first-time fic is a favorite. And, considering that sometimes those first time situations can result in strong emotions, I'm obviously not afraid of angst, but I also enjoy action/adventure and humor and most definitely romance. Hurt/comfort is dandy as well, and considering a couple of my fandoms, violence could be expected. Please, no death though (except as it happens in canon). I love these characters and wouldn't want to see any of them die. And, I'll admit: I'm a sucker for a happy ending.

I realize all of that is pretty general - if it's enough to get you started, great! But if you'd like more specific thoughts, I'll list them below as they relate to each fandom.

Tanya Huff - Blood/Smoke Series - Tony Foster, Lee Nichols, Henry Fitzroy

I love these books, so I'm going to enjoy whatever you write. I love fun case-fic type of stories.  I also enjoy slice-of-life character pieces.  When I reread both the Blood books and the Smoke books some time ago, I was really struck by some of the references to Tony's past (the Scout troup leader for instance). I love that he and Lee got together in the end, but I started to wonder what might happen if some of Tony's past snuck up on him. He & Lee have gotten pretty used to crazy/supernatural/magical things happening, so how might they deal with something that's mundane, but equally difficult? I'm not opposed to some angst/hurt comfort here, but please don't hurt either of them too badly. But heck, none of that is absolutely necessary - if you'd like to just go crazy with some fun Tony/Lee & Henry (or Tony/Lee/Henry) case-fic, I would not complain at all! And any canon characters are more than welcome.

Justified -  Raylan Givens, Tim Gutterson

I love both Raylan and Tim and want to see them in action together - which is why they were specific to my request. But that being said, I also just love the entire Justified universe and all the characters therein. I'm open to reference to canon relationships and definitely not opposed to hints of things like Raylan/Boyd. What happens between Raylan and Tim can definitely stay platonic, or USTy, or can sure as heck be porn-tastic! Case fic, or character exploration or even just two guys in a bar drinkin' together would all be welcome.  This is one of those requests where even being very trope-y would be great.

Green Rider Series, Kristen Britain - Karigan Galadheon, King Zachary

This is a series I've never read any fic for, so I'm honestly not really looking for anything specific - just to enjoy a story set in this universe.  As I mentioned in my optional details, I really like Karigan and Zachary together, but I know canon makes that a challenge, so it's definitely not a must.  I do like tropey fic, so even some magic gone crazy, huddling for survival, etc... would be awesome. Any and all of the characters are definitely welcome to be included. 

Well, I hope that helps - and sorry for babbling so much! I already know I'll be happy with whatever you do! I just want you to not let it stress you, and I hope you have fun with it. I absolutely can't wait to see what you come up with!

Happy Yuletide!!

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